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Behind the Bottle | Designer Javas Lehn

Here is what happens when you pair someone incredibly passionate about tequila (Taylor Steele) with someone incredibly passionate about design (Javas Lehn).

Solento is an-award winning USDA certified organic tequila. But it's so much more. It's a reminder to slow down and stay present, it's a beautiful bottle you'll always want on your bar cart.

What's the story behind the bottle? We're speaking with Javas Lehn around his creative process.

Solento Organic Tequila

Javas: It was apparent from the beginning of our process that we needed to create a brand and story that transcended the tequila sector. We wanted to design a bottle and packaging system that was iconic, vibrant and intriguing to the eye. 

After much time spent reviewing the branding and packaging in the tequila sector we discovered certain design codes and trends that are commonly used on most tequila brands. Specifically the agave icon and reference points.

Solento Gift Box

With this in mind we explored mid century decanters, Chanel, and other high end bottle designers that weren't spirit bottles for the Solento bottle design. We wanted to create a tequila bottle that didn't look like a tequila bottle. Something you'd like to give or receive as a gift. The sensorial aspect of the bottle in hand was also very important to us. We wanted to create something that did not only look different but felt different.

Much of our inspiration and concept for the brand derived from the name; Solento (Slow Sun) which inspired the overall brand story (color, iconography and tone of voice). We also drew inspiration from Taylor's history with surfing.

The yellow we chose for the brand derived from the sun on a warm summer afternoon. This color juxtaposed with an iconic bottle with a slightly mid-century sensibility was an interesting play in our mind that could be attractive and conceptually unique.

The bottle design celebrated the idea of sun rays—hence the ribs that curve in a cyclical motion around the bottle; giving the form a unique look and feel, but also a memorable visual, that is strictly Solento.