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Experience: The Desert

During a time when connection and experience were limited, we reimagined the concept of a memorable gathering.

We invited a diverse group of interesting individuals to join us in an experience focused on slowing down, getting back to the basics, learning, and connecting. 

Our three days in Pioneer Town (the Desert of California) was something really special. Our friend (also an incredible photographer), Magdalena Wosinska, hosted the group at her oasis which she calls the 'Desert Milk Abode'.

About the Desert Experience

Night one was spent under a star filled sky. We slowed things down with a tea ceremony and an unforgettable Ethiopian dinner. Next, with a glass of Solento in hand, we stepped into a parlour session led by co-founder and CEO of Loom, Erica Chidiwhich sparked deep and self exploratory conversation. 

Throughout the weekend, stories, ideas, and meals were shared. But there were a few unique parts worth mentioning. Have you ever done a Breath Class? Some of us had not, and were fortunate enough to be led in one by Energy Healer, Maryam Ajayi. This isn't just breathing, this is a progressive breathing technique and a form of active meditation. After 40 minutes of connecting to our breath, body, and mind, Maryam had some journal prompts around privilege and anti-racism which all were encouraged to write down for themselves, and if they wished, to open up and share with the group. 

Another meditative experience was a captivating and immersive Sound Bath experience with Patti Young - the ultimate slow down. We were invited to lay on our backs, with blankets, pillows, and eye masks before being pulled into a dreamlike state with the hypnotic sounds of the bowls. 

The goal of the weekend was to come out of the weekend feeling refreshed and reconnected. The idea was to elevate and reinvent the time spent connecting with friends and have deeper conversations where we learn and be inspired.The Desert Experience created a safe space for guests, where they could deeply connect with themselves and one another.

 Desert Milk Adobe

Maryam Ajayi

iO Tillet Wright

Sound Bath Taylor Steele

'Experience: The Desert' could not have been possible without Caddis, Whalebone, and Yeti. Special thanks Slowtide, Hume Supernatural, and Parallel x League.