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Our Tips for Hosting

With the return of gatherings this holiday season, here are some reminders on how to get it right. 

1. Remember why you are doing it - the goal is to connect and enjoy each others company. It doesn't matter if your fish isn't perfect or the table linens were a little creased. Your guests will remember the feeling of the night, not the minor details. 

2. Give each person individual attention. If they are a new friend, be sure to ask them questions specifically about them and invite them into the conversation in a deeper way. If it's a growing friendship, try remember something you spoke about last time you were together and pick that back up. If it's an old friend, one who you often reminisce on the past with - try mixing it up! Share a new perspective on something or find a way to learn something new about them.

3. Offer everyone a drink! Be sure to include a non-alcoholic option in your offering to be inclusive of those who don't drink, can't drink, or a simply taking a night off. 

4. Choose one signature cocktail that is quick and easy to make so you aren't spending the entire night behind the bar. Here are some suggestions.

5. Use fresh local ingredients where ever possible, and tell your guests about it. The level of appreciation for a meal skyrockets if there is a personal connection to the growth and harvesting of the ingredients.

6. Focus on doing one thing well and cut yourself some slack on the rest. No one expects a Michelin Star meal but if you have one dish you feel proud of, focus on that and let it shine. 

7. Let people help when they offer. Acts of Service is a love language, and some people truly enjoy feeling helpful. There is no prize at the end of the night for doing the dishes alone. 

8. Go with the flow and don't be stuck to an itinerary. People enjoy the simple act of gathering. Forcing too many activities into the schedule may make it feel like a chore.

9. It's more important to be present than it is to be perfect.