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There is no need to shoot quality tequila

Solento is made to be sipped.

For decades, drinking culture has categorized tequila as strictly for shooting with salt and lime, altogether masking the flavor. While we've all done a tequila shot on a wild night out, we propose a new method: sip premium tequila to enjoy the full flavor range of the spirit. 

Production of tequila is a slow, careful process. Tequila is made from Blue Weber agave, which takes 7 years to reach perfect maturity. As these giant, spiny plants grow, they store their sweet sap in their heart (also known as pinas, for their resemblance to pineapples). Quite dramatically, agaves bloom once in their lifetime, sending up a single stalk of flowers before they die. Generally, agaves are harvested right before they flower, sending all of their sugars directly into the pina. After harvest, they are cooked and pressed, releasing the liquid that is then fermented into alcohol. 

At Solento, growing agave is even more painstaking, as we utilize detailed farming practices and harvest thoughtfully. All of our certified organic agave is sourced from a single estate in Amatitán. Agave is a unique agricultural product and unlike anything else on earth - the essential flavors inside the piña are meant to be savored. Through careful handling and processing, we strive to highlight the innate bounty of Jalisco by producing a natural tequila that pays full respect to the years of labor behind every drop. 

Sipping Solento Blanco gives the drinker the full experience of fresh agave flavor, as it is bottled fresh off the still with no aging of the spirit. Appreciate the clean, vegetal, and mildly citrusy flavor by drinking it neat.

If you are a whiskey drinker, Solento Reposado or Anejo may be more in your wheelhouse. Both are aged in American Oak barrels (for 9 and 18 months, respectively), where they take on the rich and complex flavors of the wood and the whisky that was previously aging in those barrels. Both are lush with notes of caramel, brioche, and honey.

While many tequila cocktails may boast flashy colors and fruity syrups, sipping 100% agave tequila with no additives is the purest experience. 

In a busy world, we encourage every drinker to take the time to slow down and embrace the ritual of drinking tequila. Slow down, relax, and sip deliberately...allow yourself to appreciate the rich history, flavor, and wisdom of generations found in each bottle.